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Active Minds

Active Minds is a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group that empowers students to speak openly about mental health. Active Minds aims to remove stigma that surrounds mental health issues by creating open conversations.

Adelaide Nursing Program

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Apostles Mission

Apostles Mission is an interdenominational ministry committed to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, testifying to the eternal love of the Lord on university and college campuses.

Block and Bridle

Block and Bridle

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

What club could be more fun than the one that plans fun? The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is comprised of student workers who organize, plan and execute campus activities and campus cultural events.

Cattlemen's Club

Anyone interested in learning more about this club or joining, please contact Bryan Wilson. 307-778-1190

Clubs and Organizations

Officially recognized clubs and organizations at Laramie County Community College.

Collegiate Music Association (CMA)

CMA grants students access to professional music organizations such as NAfME (Nat. Assoc. for Music Educators), ACDA (American Choral Directors Assoc.), NATS (Nat. Assoc. Teachers of Singing), ABA (American Bandmasters), ASTA (Assoc. String Teachers)

Computer Technology Club

This club serves as an opportunity for students to communicate and discuss information relating to computer applications, services and technologies as well as to promote issues related to information technology and computers to the LCCC Community.

Counseling and Campus Wellness

Campus Counseling and Wellness

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